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When 400 Doctors A Year Commit Suicide, It's Often Hushed Up

An obstetrician is found dead in his bathtub; gunshot wound to the head. An anesthesiologist dies of an overdose in a hospital closet. A family doctor is hit by a train. An internist at a medical conference jumps from his hotel balcony to his death. All true stories.

The Hamptons IV Doc is "In": Physician Offers Drips for the Hungover 1%

The East Hampton summer share looked like a scene out of “Animal House”: a pizza box on the counter, a half-empty bottle of wine on the coffee table, dishes piled high in the sink and crushed beer cans out back on the deck.But for the home’s six “Great Fratsby” buddies, help was on the way.

Online Reviews: Where the Worst and Most Dangerous Doctors Are Sometimes the Best

I am a great doctor and lived with chimps in Mongolia for a hundred years. I‘m sitting down one night reviewing the credentials of a physician I know to be a duplicitous character who was just arrested for allegedly selling prescription pain medications, opiates, to any drug seeker who could pay him.

A "Peer Review" of Mehmet Oz, Larry King and Jimmy Swaggart

To the skeptical, Andrew Weil, Mehmet Oz, Joe Mercola, and Deepak Chopra, have an unsavory commonality with people like Jimmy Swaggart, Benny Hinn, and “The Reverend” Jim Bakker. They all offer tales of miraculous healings while peddling something seemingly too good to be true.

Complaint Filed Against Texas Physician Over Treatment Tried at Local Clinic

The Texas Medical Board has filed a 200-page complaint against Stanislaw Burzynski, the Houston doctor whose controversial antineoplaston therapy is being used to treat a Hudson girl with an inoperable brain tumor. McKenzkie Lowe, 12, started receiving the therapy five weeks ago at Dr. Terry Bennett's Quick Care Clinic in Rochester, after a long and public battle fought by the girl and her family to convince the FDA — which banned the therapy in 2012 after the death of a patient — to allow for its use.


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