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Researchers Find Mysterious New AIDS-Like Disease

Journal of Medicine - Researchers have identified a mysterious new disease that has left scores of people in Asia and some in the United States with AIDS-like symptoms even though they are not infected with HIV.

Doctor Shortage Likely to Worsen

Journal of Medicine - In the Inland Empire, an economically depressed region in Southern California, President Obama’s health care law is expected to extend insurance coverage to more than 300,000 people by 2014. But coverage will not necessarily translate into care: Local health experts doubt there will be enough doctors to meet the area’s needs. There are not enough now.

Colorado Mass Shooting Tested An ED Staff

Journal of Medicine - More than a month has passed, but Daryl Johnson still begins his emergency room shift at the University of Colorado Hospital here with a sense of foreboding.

One-Third of Patients Sent Home with Tests Pending

Journal of Medicine - More than one-third of hospital patients have at least one test result pending or otherwise not reviewed by the time they're discharged, according to a new Australian study.

Hospital Rooms Can Be As Deafening as Chain Saws

Journal of Medicine - Clasping her chest and struggling to breathe, the small, birdlike woman had landed once again in the hospital for complications of kidney failure. It was her third visit in the last year and now, with fluid building up around her heart, she had come back in, but only after her family had pleaded with her for a day to do so.

Tech: Patients Prescribed Apps

Journal of Medicine - Before long, you may be telling your patients to download two apps and call you in the morning. Smartphone apps already fill the roles of television remotes, bike speedometers and flashlights. Soon they may also act as medical devices, helping patients monitor their heart rate or manage their diabetes, and be paid for by insurance.