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Why Stand Alone Primary Care Practices Are Doomed

So, here we are, stand-alone primary care practices, or, stand-alone any-provider for that matter. This is going to be hard to read for some because it shines a light on three truths that don't fit into the popular narrative on healthcare. It does ring true, however, because if you are being honest with yourself, all the pieces fit.

To Combat Physician Burnout, Fix The Electronic Health Record

After a blizzard of hype surrounding the electronic health record (EHR), health professionals are now in full backlash mode against this complex new tool. They are rightly seen as a major cause of professional burnout among physicians and nurses: Clinicians are spending almost half their professional time typing, clicking, and checking boxes on electronic records. They can and must be made into useful, easy-to-use tools that liberate, rather than oppress, clinicians.

10 Medical Schools With The Lowest Acceptance Rates

The average acceptance rate for 2017-18 medical school candidates was 7 percent. Among the top 10 schools with the lowest acceptance rates, the average rate of acceptance was 2.8 percent.

When The Doctor Becomes The Victim

Years ago, the police brought a middle-aged man to the hospital for evaluation on a day when I was the on-call psychiatrist. Earlier that morning, the man had walked into his psychiatrist’s office without an appointment asking to see his doctor immediately.

The Best And Worst States For Doctors in 2018

If you’re a physician in South Dakota or Nebraska, your job satisfaction is likely significantly higher than it would be if you resided in Rhode Island or New Jersey, according to a personal finance website, which recently released its 2018 list of the best and worst states for doctors.

To Those Who Think Doctors Make Money On Opioids

A casual reader scanning the headlines would rightly infer a direct cause-and-effect relationship between pharmaceutical company payments and the number of opioid prescriptions written based on this headline displayed prominently on the CNN homepage.

The Golden State Killer Case Was Cracked With A Genealogy Website. What Does That Mean For Genetic Privacy?

The identity of one of California’s most notorious serial killers had been a mystery for decades — until this week, when law enforcement arrested a suspect. Investigators revealed on Thursday that they made the breakthrough using a remarkable tool: a genealogy website.

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