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NYU Announces Free Tuition For Medical Students

New York University (NYU) on Thursday announced it will offer free tuition for all of it's medical students, regardless of their financial income. This will immediately cover their 92 first-year medical students and 350 current medical students already partway through their medical program. In a first for medical schools, it has raised more than $450 million of the $600 million needed to continue the tuition-free program in perpetuity.

Did Mayo Clinic Cross The Line? At What Point?

One winter afternoon last year, Duane Engebretson sat in his stepdaughter's hospital room at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, trying to figure out how she could escape.

2018-19 Best Hospitals Honor Roll And Medical Specialties Rankings

Somewhere in America, at a pace of about once per second, a patient checks into a hospital. With more than 33 million hospitalizations a year and so many patients on whom to sharpen their skills, hospitals could be expected to meet the most demanding standards for quality and safety.

Medical Students Are Skipping Class, Making Lectures Increasingly Obsolete

The future doctors of America cut class. Not to gossip in the bathroom or flirt behind the bleachers. They skip to learn — at twice the speed.

Medicare To Overhaul ACOs But Critics Fear Less Participation

Accountable care organizations were among the key initiatives of the Affordable Care Act, designed to help control soaring Medicare costs.

Drop The C-Word To Reduce Anxiety And Over Treatment, Say Experts

Medical researchers are calling for the word 'cancer' to be dropped from some doctor-patient conversations in a bid to reduce patient anxiety and harm from over treatment.

How Health Care Changes When Algorithms Start Making Diagnoses

Imagine that the next time you see your doctor, she says you have a life-threatening disease. The catch? A computer has performed your diagnosis, which is too complex for humans to understand entirely. What your doctor can explain, however, is that the computer is almost always right.

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