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10 Best, Worst States For Healthcare In 2019

Americans in Minnesota receive the best healthcare in the country, while Alaskans receive the worst, according to a personal finance ranking.

Why Doctors Should Organize

In the fall of 2018, a report argued that assault weapons should be banned and that “physicians should counsel patients on the risk of having firearms in the home.” When it was published, the National Rifle Association responded with a tweet: “Someone should tell self-important anti-gun doctors to stay in their lane.”

Medicine Claims The Life Of A Physician Heroine

Peg began internal medicine residency with altruistic goals. She didn’t want to become a specialist or seek personal financial wealth. She just wanted to help people. With a prior career related to her degrees in art history and sculpture, she had a unique way of truly embracing medicine as an art.

The Physician Who Became A Chronic Pain Patient In Seconds

It took me decades of studying, training, hard work, and sleepless nights to become a doctor. In approximately five years, I became a successful writer, editor, columnist, and a whole array of other titles assigned to that type of work. In under 3 seconds, I became a chronic pain patient for the rest of my life.

The Search for an Easier Way to Stop Taking Sleeping Pills

New research zeroes in on how placebos may make people feel less anxiety about sleeping without pharmaceutical help

How I Became A Suicidologist

At the outset, I will state my purpose: I propose to tell briefly of the tribulations of a once-proud doctor who carries with him the deep personal requirement to be a good man. He now needs considerable stiffening to accept that which he cannot change. Although my work as a suicidologist, it must be confessed, does not appeal to the modern mind, for self-murder is dark, merciless, marvelously cruel, and beats individuals and families "into the sword that yields not," it is essential work.

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