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What Doctors Can Learn From Musicians

Last week in my cello lesson, I spent an hour and a half on a single line of music. It was a snarly line, and I botched it heroically for 90 solid minutes. My teacher was patient, but uncompromising; I was met with blunt feedback at every step and left feeling wholly dispirited.

This Old Drug Was Free. Now It's $109,500 A Year.

Daranide was approved half a century ago, often used to treat glaucoma. Some people with the rare neuromuscular condition, periodic paralysis, began taking it off-label to help control their disease. With a list price of $50 for 100 pills in 2001, it wasn't a drug people remember as hard to obtain.

11 Million Men Are Infected With Cancer Linked HPV And Don't Know It

Jason Mendelsohn had been married for close to 20 years and was happily raising three kids when he noticed the painless lump on his neck while shaving three years ago. Within days, he had been diagnosed with a deadly form of cancer caused by a virus that he probably caught while in college, decades before.

Living In Space Leaves Astronauts With Serious Neurological Issues Because The Brain Floats Out Of Place

Long-term exposure to microgravity during space travel causes astronauts to develop a rare neurological syndrome in which the brain shifts upward crowding the cranium.

The 10 Biggest Legal Mistakes Physicians Make In Closing Or Leaving A Medical Practice

Every year, thousands of physicians retire, sell or move their practices, or they quit their jobs for more lucrative opportunities. In doing so, they usually focus on the new position that seems more exciting or satisfying. However, it is a mistake to neglect the details of closing the existing practice or otherwise exiting the old position. Many physicians make serious mistakes when closing practices or leaving jobs, mistakes that can affect them for years to come.

Pancreatic Cancer Is Often Deadly. But Recent Discoveries Are Starting To Unravel Its Mysteries

Pancreatic cancer is deadly: It’s difficult to detect and bedeviling to treat. Just 20 percent of patients survive a year after diagnosis. Less than 10 percent make it to the five-year mark. But recent discoveries — both in the lab and in patients — are raising hope. They’re still early stage. Yet they offer new insight into the causes and progression of the disease — and they may ultimately help doctors better detect, and treat, this difficult cancer.

When Your Hospital Is The Debt Collector

Angelia Fowler was surprised to learn that the debt-collection agency she says is ruining her life is owned by the hospital company that saved it. Tenet built a profitable side business helping other hospitals get paid.

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