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Why The Disease Definition Of Addiction Does Far More Harm Than Good

Among other problems, it has obstructed other channels of investigation, including the social, psychological and societal roots of addiction.

Rating Doctors 'Friendly' And 'Thorough' Or 'Waiting' And 'Insurance'

Our relationship with our health care providers is complicated. What makes people like their doctors? What makes them dislike them? How much do people hate waiting for the doctor to see them and how important are things like bedside manner versus technical excellence?

The Deadly Flu No One Saw Coming

Heather Holland, a second-grade teacher, came home feeling a little sick on the last Monday in January. “It just sounded like her throat was scratchy,” said her husband, Frank Holland, a discomfort easy to ignore at first for a working mother.

Purdue Pharma To Stop Marketing OxyContin MDS In US

Privately held drug company Purdue Pharma LP said it would stop promoting OxyContin and other opioids to doctors, 22 years after the painkiller linked to widespread addiction hit the U.S. market.

Experimental Drug Expected to Kill Flu Virus In A Day, Next Year

Even if drug lives up to claim, it likely won’t be available in U.S. until next year at earliest

Physicians Need To Stay Home When They're Sick During This Flu Season

As the worst flu epidemic in nearly a decade sweeps the U.S., here’s a message that more Americans need to heed: stay home if you are sick. Sadly, that’s a hard sell, especially in medicine.

Community Health Centers Caught in Washington's Political Disfunction

As lawmakers face another deadline this week for passing legislation to keep the federal government open, one of the outstanding issues is long-term funding for a key health care safety-net program.

Hospital Plumbing Is A Giant Reservoir Of Superbugs

Hospital plumbing is a “vast” reservoir of drug-resistant superbug germs, which share their superpowers with other bacteria down there, researchers reported Tuesday.

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