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The CDC's Fictitious Opioid Epidemic, Part 1

The CDC ignored the input of expert pain management specialists..violated the CDC’s own research protocols. Doctors are now leaving pain management, often “dumping” hundreds of their patients without referral. Some patients have committed suicide, unable to deal with the agony and disability that their own government has imposed on them..

Paying Doctors Bonuses For Better Health Outcomes Makes Sense In Theory. But Does Not Work.

For decades, the costs of health care in America have escalated without comparable improvements in quality. This is the central paradox of the American system, in which costs outstrip those everywhere else in the developed world, even though health outcomes are rarely better, and often worse.

What Primary Care Doctors Really Think About Obamacare

A post-election survey of primary care physicians reveals that majorities of the doctors that first treat most Americans do not support some of the GOP’s most widely circulated plans to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.

How Serious Damage Is Done By Scientific Fraud-JAMA Retracts Article

Authors have retracted a JAMA article summarizing the evidence behind the benefits of a supplement, after the systemic review upon which it was based was withdrawn.

Physician Participation In Executions Must Be Stopped

Virginia executed Ricky Gray, 39, by lethal injection on Wednesday evening at the Greensville Correctional Center. Virginia was to use compounded midazolam and compounded potassium chloride, as well as the paralytic drug, rocuronium bromide.

Which Physician Specialties Are Happiest?

A physician's specialty could heavily influence their level of happiness at work. Of the more than 14,000 physicians surveyed, some specialties reported notably higher rates of feeling very or extremely happy at work.

White-Washing A Black Box Warning- What Went Wrong With Chantix

Almost every drug that has been removed from the U.S. market over the past 20 years has been preceded by the dreaded “black box warning,” which appears on a prescription drug’s label and “is designed to call attention to serious or life-threatening risks.”

How to Start Your Own Medical Practice

Hardly any doctors start their own practices anymore, in part because the business side of it is daunting. And yet, there seems to be a movement driven by younger generations towards a small business, “shop local,” more personal approach to commerce—and medicine.

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