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The Secret Codes Doctors Use To Insult Their Patients Right In Front Of Them

Doctors revealed some of the acronyms and made-up medical terminology medical professionals use to describe patients to one another. The phrases range from darkly funny, to rude, to downright racist.Doctors involved in discrimination research say that these are an institutionalized part of doctors poor opinion of patients. Research has shown that discrimination in health care leads to worse outcomes for patients.

Wall Street's Opioid Epidemic

While the opioid epidemic ravages rural America, Wall Street is not immune to its scourge.

Hospitals Face More Uncompensated Care, Reduced Margins and Negative Credit Rating

An estimated 3.2 million more Americans became uninsured in 2017, according to a new Gallup and Sharecare poll.

How Assisting With Suicides Affects Doctors

Support for assisted suicide is growing among the general public. Yet physicians who carry out assisted suicide display a wide variety of emotional and psychological responses.

From Rockette, Teacher, Or Astronaut To Doctor: When Medicine Is A Second Career

Many physicians will tell you their path to medicine began in their youth. But for others, a career as a doctor was a later-in-life decision, a change of plans, a new challenge — for whatever reason, career number two.

Doctors Want President Trump's Head Examined

President Donald Trump is "in excellent health," White House physician, Dr. Ronny Jackson, said following his physical Friday. But it's not clear whether any mental health tests were conducted, despite urging from mental health professionals.

IBM Pitched Its Watson Supercomputer As A Revolution In Cancer Care. It's Nowhere Close.

It was an audacious undertaking, even for one of the most storied American companies: With a single machine, IBM would tackle humanity’s most vexing diseases and revolutionize medicine.

An Unconscious Man Came To A Hospital With A 'Do Not Resuscitate' Tattoo, And Doctors Didn't Know What To Do

An unconscious man came to a hospital with the words "do not resuscitate" tattooed on his chest. Doctors weren't sure whether or not to honor the tattoo.

Doctor Helps Women Through Labor By Dancing With Them And Research Shows It Does Help.

Dr. Fernando Guedes da Cunha shares videos of himself dancing with women in labor. Studies have shown that dancing during labor can result in a shorter and less painful delivery. Labor last about 8 hours on average.