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How Kate Spade And Anthony Bourdain Could Change Mental Health

Many people in our country, or I should say in this world, have been shocked and devastated by recent celebrity suicides. Many wonder how can someone whose life looks so perfect be depressed? Well, people are starting to recognize that anyone, no matter how successful, how rich or how attractive can experience severe depression.

Why Doctors Should Get Involved In Medical Tech

Attend any biotech or health informatics conference and one thing becomes clear: the scarcity of physicians. Entrepreneurs, businessmen, angel investors, and software engineers swarm these conferences — and their encompassing companies — all the while the imperative persona in this realm remains tied up behind a dysfunctional EHR or in an overbooked operating room. Why?

TB Scare Forces Johns Hopkins Hospital To Evacuate

Buildings at a Baltimore hospital were evacuated Thursday after employees were possibly exposed to tuberculosis, officials said.

The Choice Between Medicine And Nursing

An extensive amount of data now exists in the science of choice. Social researchers such as David Kahneman and Dan Ariely have conducted numerous experiments which suggest a number of ways in which humans are led astray when making choices. An understanding some of these pitfalls is critical as you embark on the process of deciding between medicine and nursing.

Stop Scheduling Conference Calls And Finally Commit To Videoconferencing

If you knew about a technology that would help you improve organizational alignment, cut meeting times, and increase engagement in discussions, surely you’d use it all the time, right? You may be surprised to learn this powerful tool is already at your disposal.

Physician Burnout May Cause More Medical Errors Than Unsafe Care Settings

Physicians experiencing burnout were more likely to report medical errors — and burnout may be to blame for more errors than unsafe workplace conditions, a recent study found.

How Holograms Are Helping Medical Training

Health-sciences schools are tapping into mixed reality to teach students how to handle patient diagnoses and care

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