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Physicians Have Been Reduced To Overpaid Dairy Farm Labor

I can tell you why there is a high burnout rate in the medical profession, but to do so, I have to explain why there isn’t one for small private practices.

Top 10 Highest Paying Physician Specialties

Invasive cardiologists make the highest average yearly salary, according to a 2019 review of physician and advanced practitioner recruiting incentives.

A Lack Of Understanding For What Physicians Really Do

I recently had the pleasure of participating in an administrative law judge (ALJ) hearing. Novitas, the Medicare administrative contractor had denied the E/M code 99291, critical care.

Why This Physician Will No Longer See Nursing Home Patients

Our practice will no longer see nursing home patients in our office. If a nursing home patient is already established with us, then we will see him; but, we have decided not to accept new patients.

American Medical Students Less Likely To Choose To Become Primary Care Doctors

Despite hospital systems and health officials calling out the need for more primary care doctors, graduates of U.S. medical schools are becoming less likely to choose to specialize in one of those fields.

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