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USC Cements Epic-Party Status With Meth-Head Ecstasy-Popping Medical School Dean

The University of Southern California, widely regarded as academically ascendant, faces a deepening crisis over a report that the renowned former dean of its medical school was apparently using illegal drugs even in his own office on campus.

Dr. Evan Levine: How Doctors Put Thousands At Risk For Cancer

In the 1990s a new type of stress test was developed that could be done in just half the time of the usual nuclear stress test. The only problem, that the patients were not told, is that it would result in an exposure of radiation equal to an additional 140 x-rays.

The Dark Side of Reputation Management. How it Affects Your Practice

A week ago I had no idea the hornets’ nest I’d opened when I wrote about the things to do when your business is disparaged online. I’ve heard (and learned) much more since that article posted.

What Happens When Surgeons Operate On 2 Patients At Once?

The controversial practice has been standard in many teaching hospitals for decades, its safety and ethics largely unquestioned and its existence unknown to those most affected: people undergoing surgery.

Hospitals That Do Well Despite Trump

The large for-profit insurers and hospitals will still find ways to grow their businesses, whether or not the GOP's health-reform bill is passed this summer, analysts said.

Report: Doctors, Medical Staff On Drugs Put Patients At Risk

A recent study shows more than 100,000 doctors, nurses, medical technicians and health care aides are abusing or dependent on prescription drugs in a given year, putting patients at risk.

Artificial Sweeteners Reveal How Much Pee Is In The Average Pool

Approximately 20 gallons. That’s how much human urine courses through your average swimming pool, according to a chemical analysis.

Top 10 Affordable US Medical Schools

A recent study by a debt management solutions provider, suggests the average medical student may accrue approximately $164,800 in debt. However, attending one of the following 10 institutions may allow students to reduce their debt by $42,231, on average, according to a college report.

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