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Doctors Suggest Less Chemo, Surgery For Some Cancer Treatments

New studies have bolstered a push to take a less-is-more approach in treating cancer that could spare patients from tough side effects and high costs, without jeopardizing their survival.

Doctor Bought Jet And Maserati From Proceeds Of Unnecessary Chemotherapy, Authorities Say

The business of chemotherapy treatment for arthritis has been good to Jorge Zamora-Quezada. The Texas doctor took to the air on his six-seat Eclipse 500 business jet, bought with some of the $50 million he was paid since 2000 administering a host of treatments to countless patients.

Gene Variant Linked To Opioid Addiction Found In Euro Americans

A genome-wide analysis of more than 5,000 opioid users has revealed a gene variant associated with opioid dependence in European Americans, according to a new study.

Doctor Pay Tops $257K For Primary Care, $425K For Specialists

Primary care physician compensation has surpassed $257,000 a year, rising much faster than specialist pay that isn’t even keeping up with inflation at $425,000 as doctor pay shifts to value-based models that emphasize outpatient care.

Controlling Cell Recycling May Help Ease Aging

Researchers studying the biology of aging have demonstrated a new strategy for stimulating autophagy, the process by which cells rebuild themselves by recycling their own worn-out parts.

Our Faces Show What We Want, Not What We Feel

Our facial expressions stem primarily from what we want out of social interactions, not our feelings, new research suggests.

First-Ever Who List of Essential Diagnostic Test To Improve Diagnosis and Treatment Outcomes

Today, many people are unable to get tested for diseases because they cannot access diagnostic services. Many are incorrectly diagnosed. As a result, they do not receive the treatment they need and, in some cases, may actually receive the wrong treatment.

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