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First Time Ever, Less Than Half of Physicians Are Independent

Less than half of practicing physicians in the U.S. owned their medical practice in 2016, marking the first time that the majority of physicians are not practice owners, according to a new study.

RVU's Still Dominate Physician Pay, Despite Push To Value Pay

Despite the industry push to value-based care, relative value units — which tie payment to volume — remain the most utilized metric in determining physician bonuses, according to a 2017 Review of Physician and Advanced Practitioner Recruiting Incentives.

How Much Can A Doctor Charge Patients For Medical Records?

Most people believe their medical records belong to them and not their physicians, which is technically correct. When a long time physician closed up his practice he turned over all patient medical records to a third party. Those patients must pay the third party in order to get their records transferred to a new physician.

Doctor Who Wrote 1980 Letter On Painkillers That Led To Opioid Epidemic Speaks Out

A one-paragraph letter, barely a hundred words long, unwittingly became a major contributor to today's opioid crisis, researchers say.

Idaho Physician Ensnared By Drug Ring Run By His Las Vegas Stripper Ex-Wife Gets 30 days

Coeur d’Alene physician Stanley Toelle was sentenced Tuesday to one month in federal prison after previously pleading guilty to misleading tax collectors about his tax returns for 2012 and 2013.

Midwest Ranks Highest in Physician Pay, Lowest in Burnout

Data shows that Minneapolis, MN; Madison, WI and Sioux Falls, SD are ranked the best cities for physicians to avoid burnout and stress.

Physician Moms Struggle in Male Dominated Culture

As she prepared for the birth of her twins and the prospect of caring for three children under 18 months old, Dr. Hala Sabry felt anxious for the first time in her life. An emergency room physician, wife and mother in Southern California, Sabry lacked the option of taking years off to care for her growing family.

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