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Wanted: Doctors In Congress

Doctors want more of their own to serve in Congress. But despite near-constant national debates over Obamacare, drug costs and how Medicare reimburses physicians, they're not having much luck.

Behind Private Equity's Thirst For Health Care Providers

KKR's $10 billion deal to take Envision Healthcare private, along with Bloomberg's deep dive on the billing tactics of air ambulances, exemplifies private equity firms' appetite for buying health care providers that wield a lot of market power.

Why Private Equity Firms Are Buying Orthopedic And Ophthalmology Practices

Specialty physician groups continue to garner significant interest from private equity investors, with orthopedic and ophthalmology practices joining dermatology and dentistry as particularly attractive in the current market.

Doctors And Hospitals Livid About Reduction In ER Coverage, Sue Insurers

Health plans intent on driving down costs are zeroing in on emergency room visits — one of the biggest drivers of medical inflation but a category of care that's seldom been subject to denials.

Health Care Emerging As Top Midterm Primary Voting Issue

Last night's primaries set up a major role for health care in November’s midterms, both in individual races and as a part of Democrats’ search for a nationwide wave.

Why Airlines Don't Want Doctors Onboard

When a medical emergency occurs onboard a flight, what do airlines do if there is no doctor onboard? As it turns out, often the same thing they do when there is a doctor onboard: consult with professionals on the ground.

Cleveland Clinic And Kaiser Are Now Offering Shared Medical Appointments For Patients.

Some of the nation's leading health systems, including Cleveland Clinic and Oakland, Calif.-based Kaiser Permanente, are highlighting group medical appointments as a way to give patients expanded healthcare access and help providers see more patients.

Who's Most Afraid To Die?

Why am I afraid to die? Maybe it’s the “I” in that sentence. It seems that I have a single constant self—the same “I” who peered out from my crib is now startled to see my aging face in the mirror 60 years later. It’s my inner observer, chief executive officer and autobiographer. It’s terrifying to think that this “I” will just disappear.

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