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Many Doctors Have This Disorder And Don't Even Know It

“Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is underrecognized in physicians, even though it may be more prevalent in physicians than in the general population in the United States,” wrote psychiatrist Arthur Lazarus, MD, MBA, Palm Coast, FL.

The Fallacy Of Patient-Centered Care

I often wonder what it was like before patient-centered care became a mainstream catchphrase. Was there a poor relationship between the patient and physician in the outpatient setting? Were hospitalized patients’ feelings, desires, goals, and therapy options ignored? It amazes me that we were able to care for patients more than ten years ago without using a “patient-centered” approach.

What If EMRs Can Never Capture The Clinical Experience?

Apocryphal story from residency: On morning rounds in the critical care unit, the post-call resident starts to present a complicated patient admitted overnight with chest pain, and after the first bits of the history have been presented, the wise old cardiology attending turns to the gathered medical students who are just starting their first clinical rotation and asks them what they think this could be.

The Reason So Many Physicians Are Retiring Early

There has been a disturbing shift in how medical professionals feel about their career. I almost cringe every time I’m at a party or social gathering now and tell people I retired early from my medical practice. I try not to bring it up.

Here's How To Use Your Salary To Buy Happiness

Good news if you’re a doctor whose annual income exceeds $75,000. According to this study, you’ve surpassed the amount of money it takes to reach “income satiation.” Income satiation, the study says, is the point at which additional income no longer makes you happy. With the lowest-paid physicians in the U.S. bringing in about $189,000, that means...

Why Do Patients Call Me By My First Name?

For the past several years, I have been befuddled by patients calling me by my first name (Sara) instead of my professional title (Dr. Jones). At first, I ignored this, but as it became more common, I started telling some of these patients that I preferred being called Dr. Jones rather than by first name. This took some patients aback...

Did Your Doctor Ghost You? An Employment Contract May Be To Blame

When Don Cue developed a bladder infection last fall, he called his longtime urologist’s office for a urine culture and antibiotics. It was a familiar routine for the two-time prostate cancer survivor; infections were not uncommon since he began using a catheter that connects to his bladder through an incision in his abdomen.

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