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I'm A Doctor. When My Mother Was Dying I Wish Her Doctors Had Told Me The Truth.

Sometimes it feels like the great unspoken secret between doctors and nurses. The words that we dare not utter to patients and families. Perhaps it is our hope that we’re wrong. Perhaps we dread providing unwanted news. Perhaps we don’t want to face reality or extinguish our patients’ hope.

Women Are Dying Because Doctors Treat Us Like Men

For years, physicians have referred to women's healthcare as "bikini medicine" and assumed they can diagnose and treat both genders the same way. But it's costing women their lives.

U.S. Life Expectancy Varies By More Than 20 Years From County To County

Life expectancy is rising generally in America, but some areas have seen death rates going conspicuously in the other direction. These geographical disparities are widening, according to a sweeping report published Monday.

Restricting Drug Reps May Shift Doctors To Generics

A new study suggests that restricting how pharmaceutical sales representatives can market drugs to physicians changes which medications doctors prescribe to their patients. The results suggest that the restrictions caused physicians to switch from prescribing drugs that were more expensive and patent-protected to generic, significantly cheaper drugs.

Why Doctors Without Borders Turned Down A Million Free Pneumonia Vaccines From Pfizer

Doctors Without Borders has refused to accept a donation of one million pneumonia vaccines from Pfizer because they oppose the pharma giant’s pricing of the life-saving medicine.

How Doctors Can Ask Women About Reproductive Coercion

Some men purposely break their own condoms or pressure female partners in their teens and 20s to go without birth control in order to get them pregnant. A new study provides doctors and nurse practitioners a streamlined set of questions to discuss with their female patients about a practice known as “reproductive coercion.”

Nasal Spray May Limit Brain Damage From Seizures

A nasal spray can limit damage to the brain from a seizure disorder called status epilepticus, a study in animals shows. The disorder can present itself as a single seizure that lasts longer than 30 minutes or a series of seizures between which the person doesn’t regain consciousness.

How Our Brains Respond To Feeling Left Out

People with loosely knit Facebook friend groups—small numbers of friends who don’t know each other well—tend to react more dynamically when excluded in real-world social situations, a new study suggests.

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