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Stop The Anti-Doctor Media Bias

The April 18, 2019 headline was a prime example of clickbait: “Feds charge doctors in 8 states in opioid bust, including ‘Rock Doc’ accused of trading pills for sex.”

Why Aren’t Doctors Rich?

In the 1960s, Lew Goldberg showed that a physician’s intuition and judgment can be fatally flawed. Interestingly, the same fatal flaw that was exposed by Goldberg is the same fatal flaw that causes some of the biggest financial mistakes that doctors make with money. Why aren’t doctors rich? Psychology has an interesting explanation that everyone should understand.

What Tom Brady And Beyonce Can Teach Surgeons: Coaching Can Keep You Sharp

Surgeons must perform at the top of their game day in and day out. So do athletes, singers, and other professionals, but a mistake in surgery has far greater ramifications than a fumble or a missed note.

MD Anderson Ousts 3 Researchers Over Chinese Data Theft Concerns

MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston has moved to fire three scientists accused of sharing important research findings and data with China.

Feds Issue New Warning To Doctors: Don't Skimp Too Much On Opioid Pain Pills

Doctors are misusing 2016 opioid pain medication guidelines, federal officials said Wednesday, a clear response to increasing complaints from chronic pain patients who say they are the victims of an overreaction to the opioid crisis.

FDA To End Program That Hid Millions Of Reports On Faulty Medical Devices

The Food and Drug Administration announced it is shutting down its controversial “alternative summary reporting” program and ending its decades-long practice of allowing medical device makers to conceal millions of reports of harm and malfunctions from the general public. The agency said it will open past records to the public within weeks.

The Powerful Phrase That’s Ruining Medicine

Within the clinics, hospital corridors, and halls of medicine, a new phrase has emerged and taken hold of the practice of medicine. Whenever confronted with the challenging, inconvenient, undesirable, underinsured or maybe when just overwhelmed, health care personnel have begun to utter the phrase “I’m not comfortable with …”

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