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The Truth About Caribbean Medical Schools

I graduated from St. George’s University School of Medicine in Grenada and now work as an emergency medicine physician at a trauma center in Northern California. To some, that may seem like an extreme jump or a rare success story. The stigma of a Caribbean medical school education is built on rumors — and they’ve run their course. Let’s address some.

A Physician Suggests How To Improve Medicare

This is a brief explanation of Medicare from a physician’s perspective, as well as my thoughts on how Congress could make adjustments that would bring us closer to universal care and provide the private market the freedom to improve health care outcomes.

What Physicians Should Do If They Haven't Saved For Retirement

There’s some real good news in this post, even if it’s slightly anecdotal. We set out to find out what a doctor should do if they have saved little or nothing for retirement and are nearing retirement age. To get answers, we turned to W. Ben Utley of Physician Family Financial Advisors.

As DNA Ancestry Sites Gather More Data, The Answer For Consumers Often Changes

23andMe caused Leonard Kim not one identity crisis but two. The first came in 2016, when Kim, who was raised believing he was 100% Korean, took the company’s DNA ancestry test and learned he was almost half Japanese. Then, earlier this month, he was out for drinks with his wife and some friends near his Los Angeles home when someone questioned his Japanese ancestry.

Physician Says Fraudster Stole His Identity To Bilk Medicare

A retired physician in Maryland says the government is garnishing his pension after someone stole his identity and fraudulently billed Medicare for $18,000.

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