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Get Ready For A DO Boom: 26% Of First-Year Medical Students To Become Doctors Of Osteopathic Medicine

While doctors of osteopathic medicine currently make up roughly 8.5 percent of licensed physicians, experts suggest the percentage will increase dramatically during the coming years.

ABMS To Reevaluate MOC Requirements

As the American Board of Medical Specialties faces a backlash from physicians over its tougher requirements and costs of maintenance of certification, the president of one of its member boards Richard J. Baron, M.D., defends that process but says changes are in the works.

Study: Nearly 50% Of US Medical Care Occurs In EDs

Emergency departments delivered 47.7 percent of all medical care in the United States between 1996 and 2010, according to a recently published study.

Hospitals Warned: Prepare For Vox Interview

The American Hospital Association put out an advisory encouraging its hospital members to prepare for a yearlong media investigation into healthcare pricing conducted by Vox Media Senior Correspondent Sarah Kliff.

Being A Specialist Is A Constant Climb, But It's Worth It

College → medical school → residency → fellowship. The journey to becoming a doctor sometimes feels like climbing a never-ending ladder. The process started for me as an undergraduate when I was seventeen years old and will go on well into my thirties. I am still climbing.

Doctor Shortage Is California's Primary Public Health Problem

California is taking on the state’s doctor shortage by budgeting $33 million to fund medical residencies in the Golden State’s neediest areas. That funding is sorely needed as the state’s doctor shortage is acute in many parts of the state and growing worse.

Man Receives $52k Hospital Bill After His Backpack Was Stolen In San Francisco

A man recently received a call from Seton Medical Center in Daly City, Calif., asking if he needed assistance paying a $52,310 bill for an emergency medical procedure. The man was shocked by the call, as he had not undergone an emergency procedure and had no idea why the hospital was trying to collect from him.

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