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Doctor Nightmares: A Complaint Filed With The Medical Board

The attorneys say that bad investigations vary widely, depending on the state and even the individual board members who are involved. But the fact is that all boards have a great deal of potential power over physicians, and their actions can ruin careers.

Doctors Are Taking The Blame For The Opioid Epidemic. It's Time To Push Back.

“The doctors who did this should be hanged.” It’s a statement the came at me with a bang. It stood out in its thread, in the accusatory way of old courtroom scenes of black and white movies, where the heroine dramatically screams out at the jury, seated wide-eyed in their box nearby.

Words Of Wisdom For First-Year Medical Students

Each year around this time, new M.D. students find themselves grappling with the nuances and challenges of medical school. They have plenty to think about in terms of where to go, what to do and how to do their best. For many first-year students, it’s reassuring and helpful to hear the thoughts of those who are farther along on the path.

The New Boundaries Between Doctors And Patients

In a tive when almost everyone shares almost everything, the question of boundaries between a doctor and patient is thornier than ever. Beyond the obvious no-go areas of sex and abuse, the relationship can be fraught.

Before You Sign An RVU Contract Read This

Doctors’ paychecks are often structured in one of three ways. Salary only, salary plus incentive bonuses, or production only. RVU (Relative value unit) is a method the United States Medicare system uses to value reimbursement for physician services. Some physician contracts, such as my contract, is 100% based on production, or how many RVU’s I bill for.

Pharmacists May Know More About Penicillin Allergy Than Doctors

Study shows 78 percent of pharmacists knew penicillin allergy can resolve itself over time compared to 55 percent of physicians.

The Happiest Physician Specialties

A physician's specialty could heavily influence their level of happiness at work, according to one Physician Lifestyle Report 2018. Of the more than 14,000 physicians surveyed, some specialties reported notably higher rates of feeling very or extremely happy at work.

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