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75% Of Med Students Are On Antidepressants Or Stimulants (Or Both)

“Have you ever been depressed as a physician?” I asked 220 doctors. Ninety percent stated yes. Yet few seek professional help. Here’s what depressed doctors do (when nobody’s looking). Some drink alcohol, exercise obsessively, even steal psychiatric meds. Still more shocking—I discovered that 75% of med students (and new doctors) are now on psychiatric medications.

Her Doctor Thought It Was Cancer

In an awful way, it all made perfect sense, Gail T. Wells remembers thinking as neurologist Thy Nguyen matter-of-factly explained that she was ordering tests to check for an underlying cancer. Cancer would explain the worsening symptoms - abdominal pain, incessant cough, weight loss and crushing fatigue - that had plagued Wells, to the puzzlement of her doctors.

The Concept Of Schizophrenia Is Coming To An End, Here's Why

The concept of schizophrenia is dying. Harried for decades by psychology, it now appears to have been fatally wounded by psychiatry, the very profession that once sustained it. Its passing will not be mourned.

Why You Should Skip Adderall As A Study Drug

Popping an ADHD pill like Adderall or Ritalin to enhance your studying and boost grades might sound tempting. But you could be risking serious (albeit rare) side effects, including heart attack, stroke, and possibly even death, for little, if any, benefit.

1 Million Patients Lose Their Doctors To Suicide Every Year

Across the country, our doctors are jumping from hospital rooftops, overdosing in call rooms, found hanging in hospital chapels. It’s medicine’s dirty secret. And it’s covered up...

Doctor Nightmares: A Complaint Filed With The Medical Board

The attorneys say that bad investigations vary widely, depending on the state and even the individual board members who are involved. But the fact is that all boards have a great deal of potential power over physicians, and their actions can ruin careers.

Top 10 Reason Docs Discharge Patients

Most patients are well-meaning and generally nice. But every now and then, you will get one who is a total pain to deal with. Maybe your patient lies to you, gets sarcastic, asks for special “favors,” or generally just pushes your buttons. We’ve all been there.

The Dirty Secret About DNAR In The Hospital (That Doctors Desperately Want You To Know)

We’ve somehow gone from “your loved one has a life threatening illness and we will do what we can to treat it and in the meantime ensure they don’t suffer” to “your loved one has a life threatening illness that we have the capacity to cure, and if we don’t we will have done something wrong.”

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