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Keck Physician Says Moonves Assaulted Her

Following at least a dozen sexual harassment claims by media executives and former colleagues, it emerged that Les Moonves was also the subject of an article published by a Los Angeles-based Keck School of Medicine at USC professor who claimed the former CBS CEO and board chairman assaulted her during an appointment in 1999.

Medical School Honor Society Comes Under Fire For Racism

Senior medical student Giselle Lynch has plenty of accomplishments to list when she applies for a coveted spot in an ophthalmology residency program this fall.

How To Prevent Broke Doctor Syndrome

Be honest. A big paycheck makes becoming a doctor awfully attractive. W. Ben Utley, a professional provider of financial advice for doctors, has some simple guidance: Don’t blow it.

Celebrity Doctor Penalized Over Use Of Disputed Menopause Therapy

A Santa Monica doctor who touted a controversial menopause therapy on the Oprah Winfrey Network and received testimonials for her work from such celebrity patients as model Cindy Crawford and actress-author Suzanne Somers has been disciplined by California’s medical board for gross negligence.

FDA Rebukes Pharma Lab For Operating Microbrewery Within Drug Testing Area

The Food and Drug Administration issued a warning letter to Pharmaceutical Laboratories and Consultants referencing several violations at the Addison, Ill.-based lab, including the presence of a microbrewery in its drug testing area.

Physicians Of The Mouth? Dentists Learn Medical Billing Maneuvers

On a recent Friday morning, more than 30 dentists and dental staffers gathered in a conference room to learn an arcane new skill: how to bill medical insurers.

Doctors Praise New Advances In Pancreatic Cancer Therapy

A new treatment that kills two genes responsible for causing pancreatic cancer — one of the most fatal forms of the disease — is being hailed as a possible breakthrough.

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