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I Am Tired. But I Still Love Emergency Medicine.

I love being an emergency doctor. I loved my residency, my co-residents, and my attendings. I love my training: watching, learning, treating. I love the emergency department, the vastness, and the variability of emergency medicine.

This Simple Change Could Cut Surgical Infection Risk In Half

Switching the type of antiseptic used during a procedure may significantly reduce surgical infection risk, according to a recent study.

So You Want To Be A Doctor? Here Are 10 Myths Debunked.

I’m glad you’re looking at a career in medicine. I hope you will be happy with your choice forever. To help you out, these are a few myths I wish somebody told me about when I was in your shoes.

We Can Solve The Coronavirus-Test Mess Now—If We Want To

The key to taming the pandemic will be both a new commitment to “assurance testing” and a new vision of what public health really means.

The Cost Of Herd Immunity In The U.S.

Likely involves more than a million deaths; "That cannot be our price". Scott Atlas, MD, has advocated using the Swedish approach, allowing people to become infected naturally in order to build immunity to COVID-19 while focusing on protecting the vulnerable, like nursing home residents. The report is based on interviews with five people who were familiar with the discussions.

Why Do You Feel Lonely? Neuroscience Is Starting To Find Answers.

Long before the world had ever heard of covid-19, Kay Tye set out to answer a question that has taken on new resonance in the age of social distancing: When people feel lonely, do they crave social interactions in the same way a hungry person craves food? And could she and her colleagues detect and measure this “hunger” in the neural circuits of the brain?

After A Sneeze, 6 Feet May Not Be Enough To Keep You Safe From Coronavirus

The familiar recommended distance is based on decades-old science. University of Florida researchers are working on an equation that can help keep people safe.

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