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When you join The National College of Physicians (NCP), you become part of a vital force of physicians who believe that physicians come first when it comes to patient care.

And that access to high-quality health care is a privilege, not a right.

Physicians were poorly represented at the table on Health Care Reform.

Now it appears that the only choice left for physicians with private practices is to work for hospitals.

See our new article "Six Biggest Gripes of Physicians Employed by Hospitals."

NCP is not a union.

We're the physicians of this country.

At NCP, we believe our license means we can save lives.

And that we should be honored for it. We earned it the hard way.

The NCP Advantage

The National College of Physicians (NCP) is where you build your professional network. It is your home, community and support throughout your career. NCP Members are the most gifted, talented, intelligent, passionate, highest achieving, caring, knowledgeable and respected physicians.

NCP is where you have a voice. With NCP you can take action now on important issues like Health Care Reform, Physician Reimbursement, Malpractice Insurace, Insurer Reform, Limits on Malpractice Lawsuits. In hospitals, we also believe that physicians need job security, autonomy in our medical decisions, elimination of non-compete agreements. If hospitals are going to be the major physician employer, then we encourage them to work with us or they will lose us!

NCP is where you lead. From local or grassroots nursing positions to national roles, NCNP services are viewed favorably by 97% of its own membership.

NCP is where you focus. What's your specialty? Is it Pediatrics or Orthopedics? Surgery or Internal Medicine? OB/GYN or Community Health? NCNP Members have diverse and broad interests. Just like you.

NCP is where you learn. At NCP, you can attend thought-provoking seminars, local and national conferences, join our executive think-tanks and round tables with national House and Senate elected officials. Join a roundtable with the national American Hospital Association and your own hospital president. NCNP is where you control your life.



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